About Us

A gastronomic meeting with mixed roots between Catalonia and Galicia in L’Antiga Esquerra de L’Eixample, Barcelona.

The concept of Besta is rooted in a very personal, original and not folkloric Galicia-Catalonia connection, and it is based on two central pillars: on the one hand, the emotional proximity based on the origin of its partners (Galicians who live in Catalonia, and a Catalan who used to live in A Coruña and was influenced by Galician gastronomy).

Manuel Núñez, Galician chef based in Barcelona and co-owner of Arume, together with his partner Rocío Rodríguez (lawyer and also Galician) and Catalan chef Carles Ramon, join hands, experiences and spirit to create Besta, a gastronomic proposal that appeals to the value of origins from a cosmopolitan perspective, and a very marked mixed identity in constant movement. And the sea, so much sea.

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